Fish of the Week - The Putnam Family Strikes Again!

Levi Putnam with the biggest fish of his life!

KENTUCKY (6/1/2014) – Two Weeks ago, KenCo News featured Cayden Putnam as our Fish of the Week winner with an estimated 10-pound Bowfin. Last week, Cayden did it again with yet another gigantic bowfin. This week, Cayden's little brother, Levi Putnam, scored with another big bowfin.

Levi caught this big boy on Shad in a pond on the eastern side of Muhlenberg County.

KenCo News would like to congratulate Levi on this, the biggest fish of his life so far. We expect to see many more from this young man.

Congratulations Levi!

J.L. Graham
KenCo News