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 Muhlenberg County Teachers Face 10% Pay Cut

MUHLENBERG COUNTY, Ky. (01/07/15) – During a Muhlenberg County Educators Association meeting held in Powderly this evening, Jan. 7, 2015, the announcement was made that Muhlenberg County School Teachers would be receiving a pay cut of just over 10 percent if passed by vote at Board Meeting on Monday at 5:00 at the Felix Martin Hall .

Many teachers and their family members were present for the announcement.

Among the reasons explained for the need for the pay cut was that far too many funds had been utilized for past projects, leaving little other choice.

Another reason that was brought up was that TVA would be putting forth less funding towards the local school systems as well.

Teachers present asked many questions and made many suggestions on other ways that the funding issues could be handled instead of taking funds from their paychecks. In the end, it was stated that the decision would be final if voted.

If you are a local teacher, KenCo News wants to give you an opportunity to anonymously give your opinion to our public regarding this situation. Simply send a letter to the editor to kenconews@yahoo.com . You may sign the letter “Anonymous,” and put the word Anonymous in the subject line. We will publish as many of them as we can. Your email address will not be released.

KenCo News will be attending the next board meeting and will keep our readers updated on this situation.

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