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 Today is Kentucky Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

KENTUCKY (1/9/2015) - Would you appreciate it if someone was willing to take a bullet for you? There are those out there that are. They are your local law enforcement, and today is your day to appreciate them.

Throughout the 2014 year, 126 federal, state, local, tribal and territorial officers were killed in the line of duty this year. That is 126 people that gave their lives for our citizens. The sacrifice doesn’t end there. It is vital to remember that they left family and friends behind.

Ask yourself a question. What if there were no law officers today? How bad would the drug problem be? How many of your loved ones could be murdered due to a lack of consequences? How much of your property would be stolen? How much would your heart be filled with fear on a constant basis? Our law enforcement is often looked down upon because they do their job, but in the end, where would we be without them? Our lives would be simply chaotic.

Today, take a moment of your time and give back a few seconds to those that offer you their lives. If you see an officer out, stop and thank them. Shake their hand. Let them know that they are appreciated. Go by their offices and drop in to thank them. Is it so much to ask when they give so much to you?

KenCo News would like to take this opportunity to thank our local law officers. For years we have been on the scene of incidents, seeing what they see. We know how traumatic it can be when you go home at night and try to sleep with horrific scenes of tragedy on your mind.

To our local law officers throughout the region, we thank you. It is nothing short of a blessing to have you as our protectors.

Below is a video slideshow of photos taken throughout the Muhlenberg and Hopkins County area by the staff of KenCo News. Enjoy, and be thankful.

Posted by the staff of KenCo News
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