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Fire Chief Labels Glenbrook Fires as Suspicious 

MUHLENBERG COUNTY, Ky. (01/14/15) – On Friday, Jan. 9, KenCo News reported on a fire that took place in apartment building 7 at Glenbrook apartments. Four days later, another fire was reported in the same building.

According to officials, the second fire destroyed the top floor apartments of the building, and water damage demolished the bottom floor apartments.

KenCo News spoke with Greenville Fire Chief Jerry Aders regarding the incident.

Chief Aders verified information gathered by investigative reporters that this was not the first fire-related incidents in the Glenbrook area over the past few months. There had been two dumpster fires, one day apart, and one vehicle fire in the same area as the apartment fires.

“We are treating this as a suspicious fire,” said Chief Aders. “The first fire was treated suspicious as well.”

Chief Aders, due to the ongoing investigation, could not release the exact reasons why the fires were labeled as suspicious. He did state that the insurance company would likely total the entire building due to the extreme amount of fire-related and water damage, and that all eight apartments were rented with families living within. Red Cross stepped forward and housed some of the families at the Super 8 Motel. Chief Aders stated that the manager of Glenbrook stated that they would work with them and make arrangements to house those without a residence at this point.

Chief Aders also stated that this case was being investigated by the State Fire Marshall, the State Police Arson Investigator and the Greenville Police Department. He went on to say that there would be a reward offered for results in this investigation. KenCo News will be providing further information on this on Thursday.

Due to three structure fires that have taken place throughout the county over the last two weeks, Chief Aders did state that local citizens should take steps to avoid certain fire-causing issues this time of year.

“I would tell everybody this,” said Chief Aders. “It’s not being a nosey neighbor, keeping an eye on their homes. It’s being a concerned neighbor. Maybe if we had someone a year ago in the Depoy fire who had noted it early enough there wouldn’t have been that many fatalities. Especially during this adverse weather like we’ve had over the last few weeks. Other issues are utilizing extension cords that are not big enough for their usage, placement of heaters and kerosene heater fume issues.”

KenCo News joins Chief Aders in urging everyone to take all precautions with heating during the winter season. If you are utilizing a type of heat you have never used before, educate yourself on all aspects and dangers before setting it in motion.

KenCo News will keep you updated in this case as new details are released.

J.L. Graham
KenCo News