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 HWY Crews Prep for Potential Weekend Snow

MUHLENBERG COUNTY, Ky. (01/22/15) – Highway crews in the 11 counties of Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) District 2 plan to ramp up pre-treating efforts Thursday morning in anticipation of winter weather arriving over the region on Friday.

Crews plan to be on the road starting at 7:00 a.m., Thursday. Motorists should be alert for slow moving trucks and support vehicles involved in pre-treating activities, particularly along Interstates and Parkways.

The forecast includes a chance of winter mix and snow through the day Friday.

Pre-treating with brine provides an opportunity for highway crews to get a head start on winter weather. Brine is sprayed on roadways where it dries to leave a fine power of salt that sticks to road surfaces and is available to melt winter precipitation during the early hours of a snow and ice event. It also helps to keep snow from bonding to pavement surfaces making it easier to plow off after it accumulates.

Pre-treating generally requires temperatures above about 20 degrees Fahrenheit and a winter weather event with little or no rain ahead of the snow. While there is some rain expected ahead of the winter mix in the forecast for Friday, crews are pre-treating with the expectation that motorists will benefit in areas where rain is minimal. It generally requires about two full days to spray brine on all highways in the district, so some of the region's 3,300 miles of highway will remain untreated.

Highway crews will be on alert to report for duty early Friday, if required, and adjust work schedules for whatever winter weather comes our way Friday into Saturday.

Motorists are reminded to do their part by slowing down to meet localized weather conditions and by getting regular weather updates from area news media outlets as the event evolves. Now is a good time to check your tires, windshield wipers, and other equipment to be prepared for winter driving conditions.

KYTC District 2 headquartered at Madisonville is responsible for highways in Christian, Caldwell, Webster, Union, Henderson, Hopkins, Muhlenberg, McLean, Daviess, Hancock and Ohio Counties.

Information provided by David Wayne Smith
Posted by J.L. Graham
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