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 Local Anglers Prep for Warm Weekend of Fishing

WESTERN Ky. (02/05/2015) – Several local anglers have told KenCo News reporters that their plans for the upcoming weekend are all fishing-related. With that in mind, here are a few reminders to kick off the 2015 year of fishing.

First, of course, make sure your equipment is up to date. Cold winter weather can have a very negative effect on fishing string, making it very week. This is particularly true during winters where there are often a few warm days, quickly going to cold by the nighttime hours. This makes string weak and easy to break. Take time to restring your reels.

Next up, keep in mind that even though temperatures will be in the upper 50’s for us this weekend, this is not the case for the fish. You will likely not see many sizable fish in shallow waters. Fish in the deeper spots to get a faster response from your fish.

Also, keep in mind that not all breeds of fish will be biting this early in the year. Your best bet for this time of the year is Crappie, with a little response from early-biting bluegill and striped bass. Other breeds can be caught this time of year, but not as often as the aforementioned breeds.

Regardless of what you are fishing for this weekend, be aware that no fish will likely bite quickly. It might take them a bit to even know that your bait is there. Patience, however, will likely get you a few nice-sized keepers.

On the bait note, lure fishing this time of year is usually far less effective than live bait. The fish are barely moving, so they are likely not going to chase down a lure. Your best bait for now is nightcrawlers and live minnows. Most local bait shops aren’t stocked with minnows yet, so this makes it difficult. One that will have minnows before the weekend is Wood’s Bait Shop and Sportsman’s Café in Central City, in Muhlenberg County.

KenCo News urges local anglers that have success this weekend to send us your photos to be possibly featured as our Fish of the Week. Send all photos of you with your catch, and details such as what bait you were using, to kenconews@yahoo.com . Good luck on the water!

J.L. Graham
KenCo News