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Local Youth Find out that Fishing Season has Begun 

WESTERN Ky. (02/07/2015) – The Putnam boys, Cayden and Levi, have developed quite a local reputation as hardcore outdoors youth over the past couple of years. Today, Cayden and Levi discovered on this warm day of spring-like weather that fishing season is now, according to the fish, underway.

Cayden, Levi and a couple of other family members and friends visited two of their favorite fishing spots throughout the Muhlenberg County area. The original goal was to catch Crappie. They quickly found out, however, that the water is still just a little too cold for the Crappie to start hitting hard.

Nevertheless, they did find out that some fish are already on the move.

Though they did not meet their Crappie Goal, they were very pleased with the bass and gar that were biting. The amount of bites was minimal, but a fun time was had in the Kentucky outdoors.

One thing that was noticed was the very large amount of minnows seen throughout the day in the various locations. This basically states that though the Crappie aren’t hitting hard yet, it won’t be long.

J.L. Graham
KenCo News