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 New Outdoor-Related Business Coming to Muhlenberg County

MUHLENBERG COUNTY, Ky. (02/09/15) – KenCo News has learned of a new business that is heading towards Muhlenberg County, and could bring in individuals from around the United States.

Reporters spoke with Scott Graham, owner of a business called Kentucky Outdoor Survival School. Originally, this outdoor-related business was based out of the northwestern region of Kentucky, but has recently decided to expand into Western Kentucky, within the woodlands of Muhlenberg County.

“What we do is teach people the hardcore basics of survival,” Mr. Graham told reporters. “Our goal is to prepare individuals to be able to survive in the woodlands with nothing but natural resources to rely upon. Basically, they need nothing to survive that isn’t natural.”

Mr. Graham stated that there were several options for courses that will be available, but the main course, and the current most-popular, is that of the two-day survival course.

“In this course, one instructor and those that have enrolled will spend an entire weekend, two days, out in the woods,” said Graham. “They will take nothing with them except the clothing on their backs. When they come out of those woods, they will be able to survive in the forests with no man-made resources. Using natural resources, they will be able to build fires, build shelters, find food, purify water, and various other survival abilities. Very few individuals in the United States can actually survive without at least a few man-made resources. When we’re done, our students are ultimate survivors.”

Mr. Graham stated that although he would be happy with just local citizens as students, he expects individuals to travel from across the states to take part in this regular course. The courses will take place starting March 21, and be held regularly from that weekend on.

Mr. Graham went on to say that this will not only help his company expand, but will also help the local economy.

“When people come to these classes from outside the state, they usually stay in local hotels the night before the course. They also eat at local restaurants before and after the class, and they shop local businesses. We hope this will benefit the Muhlenberg County area,” he said.

When asked why he chose Muhlenberg County, Mr. Graham said, “Though I am a native of the Jefferson County area, I have a lot of family in Muhlenberg. As a child, I spent a lot of my school breaks in Muhlenberg County fishing, hunting, hiking, and camping. To me, Muhlenberg was, and always will be, the heart of the outdoor world.”

KenCo News would like to welcome Mr. Graham’s business to the area. As was said before, the first class will be held on March 21, 2015.For those looking to enroll, or with questions about enrollment costs and/or other classes, go to the Kentucky Survival School website contact page at http://www.kentuckysurvivalschool.com/contact.php . You can also email them at kentuckysurvivalschool@gmail.com .

Some have already enrolled and the spots are limited in the first class. Contact them today!

Check them out on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/KentuckySurvivalSchools

J.L. Graham
KenCo News