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Madisonville Mayor Declares State of Emergency 

HOPKINS COUNTY, Ky.  (02/16/2015) – As a result of the winter storm that is currently engulfing the Western Kentucky region, Mayor David Jackson has declared a State of Emergency for the Madisonville area.

The Mayor’s office released information stating, “as a result of the severe winter storm affecting the city beginning Monday, Feb. 16, 2015, there does exist in the city of Madisonville a state of emergency requiring the carrying out of emergency functions as defined in Chapter 38 of the Madisonville Code of City Ordinances and other applicable law.”

Madisonville officials went on to state that the state of emergency will be in effect until such time as the severe weather affecting the city ceases and all damages resulting from the weather are cured.

Information provided by the City of Madisonville
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