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 Deputy Alex Piper Trains Security at Job Corps

Front L-R: Tony Gott, Kelly Knight, Pam Smith, Harold Riley, MCSO Alex Piper
Back L-R: Billy Leggs, Mike Rust, Susan Lyons, and Sherry Brown

MUHLENBERG COUNTY, Ky. (02/18/15) – On February 11th, 2015, Muhlenberg County Sheriff Deputy/Public Informational Officer, Alex Piper conducted safety and security training to security personnel at the Muhlenberg Job Corps Center.

Training topics covered were first response to emergency situations, search and seizures techniques, and an update on laws and regulations. His session also included efforts to bridge the gap to work more closely with the Center and the local sheriff’s department to create a cohesive unit for seamless services that will benefit the students.

Mr. Piper’s training was extremely beneficial and supportive of the needs of the Muhlenberg Job Corps Security personnel.

Mr. Harold Riley, Safety/Security Manager stated, “The security personnel is excited to further strengthen the relationship with the Muhlenberg County Sheriff’s office and sincerely appreciates Mr. Piper’s knowledge and expertise that was shared with my staff.”

The Center has invited Mr. Piper to return for an all-staff training event later this month where he will further share de-escalation techniques and crisis intervention strategies in support of the staff’s commitment to professional growth and development for all Center students.

Information provided by Karen Robinson
J.L. Graham
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