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Russellville Police Department Discovers Electric Board Scam 

WESTERN Ky. (02/23/2015) – The Russellville Police Department is currently investigating a scam involving false checks mailed out to local citizens.

In a report issued today, Russellville Police Department officials stated that on Feb. 13, 2015l Police officials received a call regarding a potential scam from the Russellville Electric Plant (EPB) Board. Officers spoke with an EPB employee and was advised that she had been contacted by the Russellville Post Office in reference to incorrect postage on 12 envelopes. The employee recovered the envelopes from the Post Office and found that the envelopes were not sent from EPB, but were marked with the EPB’s return address. Inside each envelope was a check marked from a law firm located in Florida. Each check was written to different people outside of Kentucky. The 12 checks equaled up to an overall amount of $47,000.

The Russellville Police Department is requesting that the person(s) responsible for dropping the envelopes in the box outside the post office to please contact with officials at 270-726-7669. It is believed that the individual(s) mailing the checks are victim to the scam as well.

The case has been forwarded to the Postal Inspector’s Office in Louisville, KY. Det/Sgt.

Tim Burnett is the investigating officer in the case.

Information provided by the Kentucky State Police
Posted by J.L. Graham
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