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Business Spotlight – Amy Hourigan Photography 

MUHLENBERG COUNTY, Ky. (02/24/15) – KenCo News and The Greater Muhlenberg Chamber of Commerce would like to recognize a local outstanding business to kick off our weekly Business Spotlight, in which local businesses will be featured.

This week, the Business Spotlight features Amy Hourigan Photography.

Located at 339 North Main Street in Greenville, Amy Hourigan Photography, owned and operated by Amy Hourigan, has a solid reputation within the county limits and beyond of producing extremely high quality professional photographs for local citizens.

Mrs. Hourigan started her business as a hobby, noticing early in life that she had a strong passion for the artistic aspects of photography. “I started my photography as a hobby first and let it grow at its own rate honestly,” said Mrs. Hourigan. “It wasn't something that happened quickly. I worked other jobs full time while I grew the business until I had to focus on it full time. That is a blessing.”

Amy Hourigan Photography covers all types of photography, but Mrs. Hourigan openly states that her true passion and focus is photography of babies, children, seniors and weddings. She has also recently been taking on more framing work as well.

When asked why she chose Muhlenberg County as her base of operations, Mrs. Hourigan said, “I am from Muhlenberg County and I believe in Muhlenberg County. I never considered starting a business anywhere else. Although I do have several clients from outside the area, the local people who believed in me and have supported my business are the reason I have this opportunity.”

The Greater Muhlenberg Chamber of Commerce is very pleased to have Amy Hourigan Photography as a solid and growing business within our county.

If you need some professional photos and great local customer service, drop by Amy Hourigan Photography at 339 North Main Street in Greenville. You can also check out the studio website at amyhourigan.com, or like them on Facebook and check out some of their recent photos.

J.L. Graham
KenCo News