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 BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT – Goldston, Pate & Co. CPAs

MUHLENBERG COUNTY, Ky. (03/10/15) – This week, in our regular weekly spotlight on popular and successful local Muhlenberg County Businesses, KenCo News and the Greater Muhlenberg Chamber of Commerce are honored to feature Goldston, Pate & Co. CPAs as our Business Spotlight.

Daniel Pate, born and raised in Elizabethtown, states that he lived there until he left for college. Shortly thereafter, his parents retired and moved away from the area. After that, Mr. Pate married a Muhlenberg County resident and has lived here since.

Mr. Pate stated that after moving to Muhlenberg County, he acquired an already existing CPA firm from Mike Goldston in July of 2008.

Goldston, Pate & Co. CPAs provides small business services including payroll and bookkeeping as well as general consulting for clients in a variety of industries. They also provide income tax planning and preparation for corporate, partnership and individual clients. Lastly, they provide audit services for local governments including health departments, cities and special taxing districts.

When asked why he chose this as his business, Mr. Pate said, “I have worked as a CPA most of my professional years and really enjoy what I do. I worked for a large national CPA firm and the travel became overwhelming as my wife and I were starting a family, so when the opportunity arose to acquire the business, I jumped at the opportunity.”

Mr. Pate stated that he chose Muhlenberg due to the fact that he wanted to raise his family here.

Goldston, Pate & Co. CPAs is located at 300 Harrison Avenue in Central City and general office hours are 8am to 5pm with extended hours from January to April 15th.

J.L. Graham
KenCo News