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 Muhlenberg Residents Warned of Local Recent Scams

MUHLENBERG COUNTY, Ky. (03/26/15) – The Muhlenberg County Sheriff’s Office has issued the following warning regarding recent scam attempts within our area…

During the week of March 23, 2015, the Muhlenberg County Sheriff’s office received multiple calls regarding various scams our residents have received over the phone. One of these scams is calls from individuals saying they are with the Internal Revenue Service. They usually threaten arrest if money is not wired immediately and leave messages on answering machines with a number to call back to arrange payment. The IRS will contact you initially by mail if there is a problem with your tax payments. Do not fall for these threats, even if the caller sounds professional, these calls are not legitimate.

Some residents have also received calls involving the purchase of extended warranties on vehicles. The caller may know the make and model of your vehicle and the deal they offer may sound like a very good one. To be safe you should never give any bank account or credit card information to anyone over the phone unless you have called this company yourself and know it is a true and trusted business.

Finally, we have had reports of residents receiving calls from people claiming to be relatives who have lost their wallets while traveling and need money to return home. These people may pretend to be your family member and even refer to you as “Grandma” or some other family name. Please use extreme caution when receiving any call like this. Ask questions that only your relative would know the answer to. Don’t give any information until you have checked out their story with someone else who would know the truth.

These are just a few examples of scams that are going on across the country and in Muhlenberg County. You cannot be too careful when it comes to giving out your personal information to anyone over the phone or internet. If an offer sounds too good to be true, it probably is. If you have questions about the validity of a phone call you receive, do nothing until you have called our office or someone you trust. And please pass this information on to your friends and family who may not know of these types of scams that are going on.

Information provided by Deputy Alex Piper (Muhlenberg County Sheriff's Office)
J.L. Graham
KenCo News