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Russellville Police Seek Public Information Regarding ATV Thieves  

WESTERN Ky. (03/27/2015) – The Russellville Police Department is currently seeking public information regarding a recent ATV theft and resale.

Police officials state that an ATV theft took place near the 600 block of East 6th Street in Russellville.

The victim, Brandon Croghan, met up with an unknown offender on Facebook and was meeting to sell his 2008 Honda 450R 4-wheeler. The offender was found to be using a false name (Brett Wells) on Facebook and had a phone number that was produced from a smartphone App.

Upon arrival at the location, Croghan observed two black males that stated they were the potential buyers of the ATV. The first black male was described as skinny with braids, wearing a jacket and wearing blue jeans. The second black male was described as skinny with braids as well, wearing a red shirt and blue jeans.

The first offender asked to take the ATV for a test-ride. Once he was out of sight, he did not return. The second offender entered into the victims’ truck to “help” him look for the first offender. The second offender was later dropped back off when the first could not be located. The second offender entered a silver Pontiac van and left the scene. The second offender did drop some property inside the victims vehicle, of which has been sent for DNA/fingerprint analysis.

The ATV was recovered from Westmoreland, TN on March 16 after it was posted on Craigslist for sale. After collecting the ATV, the seller advised that a black male had delivered the ATV to his residence in a U-Haul truck, with a female and a baby as passengers. The name of the subject is unknown at this time.

If you have any information on this case, contact local law enforcement immediately.

Information provided by the Russellville Police Department
Posted by J.L. Graham
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