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Suspects in Muhlenberg Home Invasion/Armed Robberies Found Guilty 

MUHLENBERG COUNTY, Ky. (04/08/15) – The Muhlenberg County Investigative Task Force has released new information on a case that occurred in 2014 regarding individuals breaking into homes and stealing items.

According to information provided by Wes Miller, three suspects in the August 2014 home invasions have been found guilty of Robbery 1st Degree.

Jesse Hailey and Kristi Copeland, of Graves County, were apprehended on August 30, 2014 following a traffic stop in Central City. Shannon Geary, of Central City, was arrested on September 6, 2014.

The Muhlenberg County Investigative Task Force charged the three after they unlawfully entered a home on KY 181 North in Greenville on August 27, 2014. They held the home owner at gunpoint during the hour-long robbery. Hailey was also charged with a second count of Robbery 1st Degree for a home invasion on August 21, 2014 on Reynolds Cemetery Road in Greenville.

Hailey and Copeland entered guilty pleas on their charges for the home invasions. Geary was found guilty of Robbery 1st Degree following a jury trial on April 7, 2015.

Investigators continue to gather evidence against three other suspects involved the first home invasion with Jesse Hailey on August 21, 2014. The Muhlenberg County Investigative Task Force has worked closely with the Commonwealth Attorney's Office to convict these individuals and will continue to do so until the remainder of suspects from the initial robbery have been arrested.

The Muhlenberg County Investigative Task Force is comprised of investigators from Muhlenberg County Sheriff's Department and Greenville, Central City, and Powderly Police Departments. The Task Force was created in early 2014 to better serve the citizens of Muhlenberg County by combining law enforcement resources for the purpose of investigating crimes in the county.

Information provided by Officer Wes Miller
Posted byJ.L. Graham
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