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Excellent Turnout for Waste Not Want Not Charity Dinner 

MUHLENBERG COUNTY, Ky. (04/14/15) – On Saturday, April 11, 2015, a charity fundraising dinner was held at Luzerne General Baptist Church Fellowship Hall for Waste Not Want Not (WNWN) and hope2All Food Bank.

Over 70 door prizes were awarded to a crowd of nearly 100 individuals as they enjoyed the local deer Backstraps meal.

Waste Not Want Not is located in Muhlenberg and Hopkins County. This organization has a deer donation program set up in which local deer hunters can donate their deer, which goes to feed local citizens going through difficult financial situations.

For hunters that would like to donate their deer to this cause, all you have to do is gain your confirmation number with the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife and then call Chad Browning at (270) 635-0544. Mr. Browning is the founder of Waste Not Want Not.

The food brought in for this cause goes to Hope2All food bank which currently provides food for over 1000 families each month. The Muhlenberg Hope2All food bank is located at 307 Mose Rager Boulevard in Drakesboro, and is open on Mondays from 10:00 AM until 2:00 PM.

Last year, Waste Not Want Not received 116 deer donations, totaling over 6000 pounds of meat from the meat processors. Waste Not Want Not does pay $60.00 per deer to get the meat processed. The fundraiser at Luzerne General Baptist raised enough funds to support 55 total boxes of foods.

The WNWN Hope2All Charity Dinner that was held on Saturday April 11 raised enough money to support 55 Total Boxes of Food. If you're a Deer Hunter or know a Deer Hunter that would be interested in donating your deer to WNWN and helping out this great local organization and helping others in need with just one phone call, make that one phone call this next Deer Season after you've taken a deer and you've field dressed the deer. Call Chad Browning for further details or you may visit the official website at www.deerdonation.org

More WNWN Hope2All Charity Fundraiser Dinners will be coming up soon late this summer in a community near you.

We want to thank WNWN,Hope2All and all the generous volunteers that make this great organization possible and successful.

Randy Adams
KenCo News