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Central City Council Petitioned to Sell Alcohol on Sundays 

MUHLENBERG COUNTY, Ky. (05/18/15) – The Central City Country Club has petitioned the Central City City Council to allow alcohol sales at the club on Sundays. KenCo News spoke with Central City Mayor Barry Shaver regarding his take on this suggestion.

“We checked into the rules regarding this,” said Mayor Shaver. “You cannot open up sales of alcohol for just one local private club. It has to be for all Central City private clubs, including the Country Club, the American Legion and the Eagles.”

Mayor Shaver went on to state that at the last meeting, a local restaurant owner also petitioned the council to add restaurants into the plan. He said that this Wednesday the Council will discuss adding restaurants into the ordinance.

The final decision to allow individual alcohol sales by drink on Sunday will be up to the city council via a vote on the second Wednesday in June at 5:00 PM at the City Building.

“My thought on this is it might be the domino effect,” the Mayor said. “Who is to say that the convenient stores might come up and want in on it as well? If this happens, the liquor stores would likely do it.”

When asked his personal opinion, Mayor Shaver did not hesitate to speak out.

“Personally I’m against it. I’ve told members of our council that I will veto this measure. However my veto can be overridden. My though is from a moral issue. I still believe the Sabbath Day should be kept holy. I think we’re getting away from some of the things that made our city great and our country great. I see our country going in the wrong direction and I don’t want our city to follow,” he said.

The Mayor stated that he was afraid that this step would change the atmosphere of the city on Sundays, and change the ways others look at Central City.

“I don’t think this is the right answer. For that reason, I’m definitely against it,” he said. “Here’s what I see. Over the last several years, folks my age, we’ve seen things happen that wouldn’t have happened 25 years ago. I see our nation drifting further and further away. It’s at a point now where so many think that right is wrong and wrong is right. I think it’s time for the Christians to dig their heels in and say this is where we draw the line. That’s my opinion.”

Mayor Shaver continued to state that the main issue with our country and our local community citizens that are against such changes is that people simply sit back and watch without voicing their opinions.

“It’s time for the Christians and the churches to dig in and make a stand, voicing their opinions and beliefs. We need to draw the line."

When asked how local citizens that are against Sunday alcohol sales can make a difference, Mayor Shaver said, “To do something about it, the best thing is to come to the council meeting on the night of the vote, or to contact city council members and let them know your opinion. I have been on the city council. From a councilman’s standpoint, if folks come and say we would like to do this, then if no one opposes it than you assume you all are okay with it. We got folks wanting to sell alcohol that has spoken, but we don’t have anyone in return going against it, so many council members think it must be okay. The council will vote on the wants and needs of the city. I think people need to stand up and let the council know how they feel.”

Again, the vote will be on Wednesday, June 10, at 5:00 PM. Local citizens are urged to step up and voice their opinions openly to the council, if they are for or against this new measure.

Mayor Shaver ended the interview stating that, “If by some measure this city does vote to have alcohol by drink or sell it on Sunday, I think it sends a bad message to the next generation telling them it’s okay, but it’s really not okay.”

“Parents and citizens, it’s time to stand up. Time to stand up and show our kids we believe in what is right,” said Mayor Shaver.

J.L. Graham
KenCo News