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 Business Spotlight – Central City Convention Center

KENTUCKY (06/02/15) – This week, the Greater Muhlenberg County Chamber of Commerce and KenCo News has partnered to present the Central City Convention Center as our weekly Business Spotlight.

The Central City Convention Center (CCCC) has been a major resource for local citizens and events since the 2009 year. Managed by Director Tamera (Tammy) Piper, CCCC offers a state-of-the-art fitness center, fitness classes included in membership, an indoor pool and outdoor spray park and childcare. In addition to these many options, CCCC is very community-oriented and focused on the future health of community. Currently the Convention Center is 3,800 members strong and serves as home to the Mustangs Swim Team.

Mrs. Piper, Director for the Community Center since 2010, is a native of Muhlenberg County, having graduated from the Graham High School in 1987. She, alongside her husband Deputy Alex Piper with the Muhlenberg County Sheriff’s Office, are very passionate in regards to keeping our citizens healthy and safe.

When asked how the Convention Center became such a major entity in the Muhlenberg County area, Mrs. Piper stated, “Affordable Prices! We also offer childcare for parents. We stay involved in our community and I think our members know we are committed to each and every individual who visits the center.”

The Central City Convention Center, originally the concept of the Central City Council, employs an average of 50 local citizens, most of which are local high school and college-aged students. “I feel this is important,” said Piper. “It gives local youth an opportunity to work and help with their finances as they get educations.”

The future plans for CCCC are to continue to offer a state-of-the-art fitness facility and keep it on an affordable level for local citizens. They are also intending to expand their 10-8 Fit Program, Swim Program, community events and kids programs.

Also in regards to the future of the Convention Center, they have recently purchased a building in downtown Central City where they intend to hold the 10-8 Fit programs.

In regards to the financial impact that CCCC has on our county, Mrs. Piper said, “I think our main impact is the amount of employees we employ. We also hold events and fundraisers for kids programs and organizations that raise thousands of dollars to supplement them.”

If you want to get in shape, make some great friends and support a local business, check out the Central City Convention Center, located in the old Central City High School building at 320 Golden Tide Avenue in Central City. Hours are Monday through Friday from 4:30 AM until 9 PM. Saturday hours are from 6 AM until 6 PM. Sunday hours are from 1 PM until 7 PM.

The Greater Muhlenberg Chamber of Commerce and KenCo News is very proud to have this local business as a very active part of our community.

J.L. Graham
KenCo News