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New “Let’s Go Outside” License Plates Available for Local Citizens 

KENTUCKY (06/10/15) – A new license plate will give drivers the opportunity to show their support for the health and well-being of Kentuckians and their environment. First Lady Jane Beshear today unveiled the specialty “Let’s Go Outside” plate that will promote the health and environmental benefits of outdoor recreation.

“Kentucky has one of the highest childhood obesity rates in the nation,” said Mrs. Beshear. “One step to improve the health of our children is to encourage active outdoor play. Being outside will help connect children to the environment, teach them about the earth and the way they impact it, and help them preserve it for future generations.”

Proceeds from the specialty plate will support the work of the Kentucky Environmental Education Council (KEEC) including coordinating the Kentucky Green and Healthy Schools program and certifying professional environmental educators.

“Kentuckians have said in surveys that children not spending enough time outside is a major concern,” said KEEC Executive Director Elizabeth Schmitz. “One of our goals is to encourage children to embrace the outdoors and to teach them the importance of a clean environment for our health and preservation. Do you remember the freedom, creativity, and fun experienced in your childhood during outdoor play with friends and neighbors?” she asked. “Let’s go back to our roots by encouraging today’s children to have similar experiences and to gain the sense of community created by those shared memories.”

The Kentucky Environmental Education Council needs 900 applications, each accompanied by a $25 donation, before the plate will be made available to the public. The 900 applications will exhibit the broad public support for this new license plate and will raise the funds necessary to put the plate into production.

A link to download the application are available at www.keec.ky.gov/LetsGoOutside. Submitting the application does not obligate you to purchase the plate, but your donation will be credited toward the purchase of a plate once they are in production.

Information provided by the Governor's Communications Office
Posted by J.L. Graham
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