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 Central City Council Votes 7-1 Against Sunday Alcohol Sales

KENTUCKY (06/11/15) – Citizens from throughout the area have been voicing their opinions regarding a recent petition put forth for possible alcohol sales on Sundays. On Wednesday, June 10, the Central City Council voted 7-1 against this proposal.

The original petition was presented by the Central City Country Club. After researching the concept, Central City officials found that if the concept was passed, it would have to be for all local private clubs.

As the concept was being discussed, a local restaurant owner also petitioned the council for the same option.

During the process Central City Mayor Barry Shaver made it very clear that he stood against the idea. Mayor Shaver had told KenCo News reporters that he had fully planned to vote against it.

“My thought is from a moral issue,” the Mayor said. “I still believe the Sabbath Day should be kept holy. I think we’re getting away from some of the things that made our city great and our country great. I see our country going in the wrong direction and I don’t want our city to follow.”

While some local citizens seemed to be for the concept, the majority that has been voicing their opinions seem to have stood passionately against it.

J.L. Graham
KenCo News