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 Muhlenberg Man Receives Summons Due to Inappropriate Communications with local Youth

KENTUCKY (07/01/15) – On Wednesday, July 1, 2015, KenCo News received information from the Muhlenberg County Sheriff’s Office concerning a criminal summons issued due to inappropriate communications with a local child.

Sheriff Curtis McGehee told reporters that on Tuesday, June 30, Joseph Kelly (60-years-old) of Paradise Road in Greenville was issued a Criminal Summons for contacting a local youth (Texting) with inappropriate content.

Sheriff McGehee stated that Mr. Kelly’s court date was July 23.

Brad and Christina Groves, the parents of the child contacted, told reporters that, “As parents we are alarmed and disheartened that anyone would feel it is acceptable to send inappropriate content to a child. This happening to our child and reading the similar experiences from so many others in response to a Facebook post told us we could not just continue to “block and ignore” as a method of coping with Mr. Kelly’s actions.”

Mrs. Groves went on to say, “Brad and I both hope that this is not only the first step to stopping the absolutely intolerable and improper activities by Mr. Kelly but we also hope that this opens the door for him to receive the proper help he may be in need of.”

“We would like to thank Sheriff Curtis McGehee and his staff for their assistance and action as we have dealt with this,” said the Groves. “As others continue with daily life we hope from our actions thatthey know this does not have to be tolerated and that they can come forward to protect their children.”

The investigating officer in this case is Deputy Tommy Nance.

Further details in this case will be provided when released by the Muhlenberg County Sheriff’s Office

Information provided by the Muhlenberg County Sheriff's Office
Posted by J.L. Graham
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