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 Local Muhlenberg Ministry Preps for Next Trip to Haiti

WESTERN Ky.(07/10/15) – Over the past few years, several local citizens that are active members of a local ministry have traveled overseas on several occasions to make a Christian impact upon the lives of others.

This ministry, well-known locally as “Nothing is Wasted” (NIW) ministries, is very active on a local and international level. Locally, NIW is an active member of the Greater Muhlenberg County Chamber of Commerce. On the international level, NIW serves many people overseas, as can be seen in the past Mission trips and another trip to Haiti scheduled for August 8-14.

Chris Dennis, a very active member of this ministry and Vice President of First Security Bank in Greenville, stated that, “This mission trip will be our 5th trip to the Guitton community. Our trips have been extremely successful. We are able to feed, clothe, provide clean water, help build houses, share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and disciple the church pastors and congregations. While ministering, we have prayed with many unbelievers and watched the Holy Spirit heal several people.”

Currently, NIW ministries is actively fundraising to impact more lives.

“The goal of our mission trips are to bless those people/groups that we go to serve,” said Mr. Dennis. “Every time we return from a mission trip, we are the ones that receive the blessings. It’s important to understand how blessed we are to live in our communities. The Haitian people live in economic poverty, but they are a joyful people. They are appreciative and loving.”

NIW Ministries consists of 15 local Muhlenberg County residents and one individual from California. Ministry members are Mr. Dennis, Melissa Recke, Khristen Recke, Shelby Cotton, Anne-Taylor Sparks, Graham Sparks, Abby Horn, Mikayla Sellers, Makayla Sampson, Aaron Beck, Randi Reed (California Resident), Eli Travis, Shelby Stovall, Jenny Dennis and Keely Dennis.

If you would like to make a donation to or be a part of this ministry, you may contact Chris Dennis via email at CDennis@fsbky.com .

KenCo News would like to take this opportunity to thank these wonderful local citizens for all they do to help those in need.

J.L. Graham
KenCo News