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EDITORIAL – The Difference one can Make 

MUHLENBERG COUNTY, Ky.(07/13/15) – On Sunday of this week, a local good Christian man passed away. His name was John Robertson, husband of Linda Robertson.

Though the majority of our community did not know John, many were impacted by his loving heart. John was 46 years old at the time of his passing. Yours truly stumbled upon John and his wife one day when they said they needed help with their lawn care, as both were working full time and didn’t have time to mow. Of all the individuals and businesses in the area that does lawn care, they chose Muhlenberg Mowing Ministry (MMM). Why did they choose MMM? They did it because this ministry donated the majority of the funds earned in their mowing to local families in need. It was clear when I first met John and Linda that they were good Christians.

For the entire 2015 spring/summer season, MMM has worked the Robertson’s yard, and they continuously donated to help others. On top of that, if KenCo News reported any individual that needed help, the Robertson’s would help spread the word or do whatever they could to help. They were not rich, and they gave far beyond what they had to.

When the Muhlenberg Mowing Ministry mowed their yard last week, John came out and spoke to the mower. He came out with a large bag filled with a lot of cucumbers. They talked for a moment and then John handed the mower the bag. The conversation was…

“What’s this for John,” asked the mower.

“It’s for you buddy,” John replied.

“Thanks so much, but there’s no way I can eat this many cucumbers.”

“I know that,” he replied. “I want you to find someone who needs food and give whatever you don’t want to them.”

While others might think cucumbers are no big deal, this was a major deal to the Muhlenberg Mowing Ministry. This man gave up this much food, to help others. He did not have to. This was on top of his monetary donation to the ministry. He simply did it because he was a good man. He and his wife felt led to, and that was all.

On Monday, July 13, the mower, also an employee of KenCo News, delivered some of these cucumbers to local citizens. To each of them, he told the story of this last deed John did before leaving this world. The thankfulness in their voices, and the tears in their eyes as they accepted these vegetables was amazing.

You see, though a cucumber seems like no big deal, it brought tears of joy and thankfulness to people. Those cucumbers were worth more than gold to these citizens. John impacted lives by this, his last good deed with MMM, in such a powerful way.

The point is, don’t underestimate small good deeds. Any good deed is a great deed. These people that never even knew John Robertson will now remember him for the rest of their lives, all because of a couple of cucumbers. Give what you can, even if it is something small. When you leave this world to go to heaven, leave behind the legacy of greatness that John Robertson has.

For those who would like to thank John for being such a great man and a humble hero, funeral services will be Wednesday, July 15, 2015, at 11:00AM at Tucker Beechmont Funeral Home, with Rev. Travis Fox officiating. Burial will be in Union Ridge Cemetery. Visitation will be Tuesday after 5:00PM at the funeral home.

J.L. Graham
KenCo News