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Woman Found Drowned after Vehicle Washed off Roadway 

WESTERN Ky. (07/29/15) – Trigg County officials have identified a woman who died overnight when the roadway along KY 276 washed out from beneath her vehicle following a heavy downpour.

Trigg County 911 Dispatch received a call at 8:01 p.m. on Tuesday, July 29, 2015, indicating a vehicle had been washed of the roadway on KY 276/Blackhawk Road near the intersection with P'Pool Road in the Blue Springs area of Caldwell County.

According to Paula Flood with Trigg County Emergency Management, a Pennyrile Electric utility crew that had responded to an outage call was working near the site and saw the roadway wash out from under a vehicle as it crossed the Long Pond Branch Culvert.

Units from several area agencies responded and searched downstream about 3 miles, but were unsuccessful in locating the car. Trigg County Rescue was assisted by the Marshall County Swift Water Rescue Team in the effort.

As waters dropped, an employee of the Trigg County Road Department was checking the roadway along Tyler Road which runs parallel to and south of KY 276/Blackhawk Road on the Trigg County side of the county line. He noticed what he thought were tires sticking out of the water and called searchers to that location. The car was submerged and upside down, so rescue workers were not immediately able to check the interior of the vehicle.

Emergency response personnel were able to recover a body from the car at 1:09 a.m., CDT.

According to Paula Flood, the victim was identified at 61 year old Nancy Hyde Fox who had been visiting her brother for his birthday and was headed to her home just a few miles away. She is the mother of Trigg County Rescue Squad Chief Barry Fox who worked on the rescue and recovery effort.

"Those of us involved with emergency preparedness and response in Trigg County are saddened and numbed by this tragedy," Flood said. "Our thoughts and prayers are with the family."

Flood noted that searchers missed the vehicle in their first sweep of the area due to the depth and speed of the rushing water. She thanked members of several agencies for their assistance and credited Seven Springs Farms with aiding the search effort by providing much-needed equipment.

Information provided by Keith Todd (Kentucky Transportation Cabinet)
Posted by J.L. Graham
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