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Outdoors with Big Country – Snake of the Week 

KENTUCKY (8/19/2014) – Scott Kelly of G&K Taxidermy, in Northern Christian County, lives on HWY 189 South just across the Pond River bridge coming up the hill just outside of Muhlenberg County.

Scott and his father both work as Taxidermists for a living, and have mounted several different types of creatures, such as deer, turkey, waterfowl, bobcats, coyotes and fish.

On Monday, August 18, Scott was busy, as usual, working around their property, cleaning out an old barn nearby. Scott was surprised when he opened the door to an old wooden cabinet that was sitting there. When Scott opened the door, he was looking at a Rattlesnake, almost six foot long!

Scott quickly grabbed his Glock 9MM handgun and took one lethal shot, taking the huge rattler down.

Scott measured the snake and found it to be just under 6 foot in length.

Needless to say, Scott, his son, dad and mother can feel better tonight knowing that he took out this monster snake, and the snake didn’t get the best of him first. Scott took care of business!

On a side note, Scott and his buddies plan on cooking and eating the meat of the rattlesnake.

Outdoors with Big Country
Randy Adams
Information and Photos provided by Scott Kelly