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SCAM ALERT – Kentucky Citizens Warned of Sweepstakes Tax Scam 

KENTUCKY (09/22/2014) - Kentucky Treasurer Todd Hollenbach says scam artists are at work again calling Kentuckians with the news that they’ve won a $2.5-million dollar international sweepstakes but to claim the prize they’re required to first wire $1295 cash to the scammers.

“This is an obvious scam that preys on the elderly”, the Treasurer said. “So called “winners” of the sweepstakes are being notified with phone calls from Las Vegas, Jamaica or Nigeria, identifying themselves as representatives of the Treasury, asking that taxes be paid before their cash prize can be delivered.”

“I could describe twenty different scenarios’ these scammers use in their phony ploys”, Hollenbach said, “but it all comes down to this: At some point, a scam artist will ask you to send money or pay some type of fee in order to get your prize. Don’t do it! No legitimate contest, sweepstakes or lottery ever asks for an advance fee to claim winnings.”

If you’re looking for legitimate lost or abandoned cash, Treasurer Hollenbach suggests searching the unclaimed property database at MissingMoney.com or if you don’t have access to the internet, you can call Treasury’s Unclaimed Property office toll-free at 800-465-4722.

Each year, the Kentucky Treasury returns millions of dollars in unclaimed property to Kentucky residents. Since 2008, under the proactive leadership of Treasurer Hollenbach and his Treasure Finder’s Program, the Treasurer has returned a record $ 110-million in unclaimed property toward his goal of $120-million before he finishes his term next year.

Information provided by Mark Pfeiffer
Posted by J.L. Graham
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