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Governor Proclaims October as Anti-Bullying Month in Kentucky 

KENTUCKY (10/1/2014) - Governor Steve Beshear today proclaimed October as Anti-Bullying Month in Kentucky, a designation sought by students who testified in support of anti-bullying awareness during the 2014 session of the General Assembly.

“No student or child should have to experience the pain of bullying. Proclaiming October as Anti-Bullying Month encourages schools, students, parents and others to take part in awareness and prevention activities designed to make our communities safer for all children and teens,” Gov. Beshear said.

Earlier this month, Gov. Beshear announced the creation of the Kentucky Youth Bullying Prevention Task Force – a panel which will study bullying in schools and recommend practices and policies to help foster safer, harassment-free school environments.

In April, surrounded by students at Madison Middle School, Gov. Beshear ceremonially signed Senate Bill 20, which designated October as “Anti-Bullying Month” each year in Kentucky. Students at the school had followed this legislation closely, and some came to Frankfort to testify in support of the bill, which also created a purple and yellow ribbon as the symbol for anti-bullying awareness in the state.

“I was proud to champion this legislation in the House and am grateful that we now a have a full month dedicated to awareness,” said Rep. Rita Smart, of Richmond. “This is such an important issue to me, because I have seen the impact bullying can have on children. It’s not something we can ignore or dismiss as harmless because it has always occurred. I want to thank Governor Beshear for signing this proclamation and for being such a strong supporter of this month’s goals. His administration has gone the extra mile to make sure our schools – and any area where children congregate – are the safe havens they deserve to be.”

“Social media has changed how bullying takes place in our schools. It is no longer just a face-to-face conflict leaving physical wounds,” said Sen. Jared Carpenter, of Berea, who sponsored SB 20. “Being the victim of bullying can damage a child forever. I appreciate working with Rep. Smart, students from Madison Middle School and Governor Beshear to proclaim October as Anti-Bullying month, for this year and many years to come.”

The proclamation encourages schools, students, parents and others to take part in awareness and prevention activities designed to make communities safer for all children and adolescents.

Information provided by the Governor's Communications Office
Posted by J.L. Graham
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