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DEER ALERT – Drivers Urged to Use Caution  

WESTERN Ky. (10/3/2014) – As most Western Kentucky residents know, this is the time of year when more vehicular accidents involving deer are reported. The source of this increase in deer-related accidents is weather-related.

When temperatures begin to drop, local wildlife, particularly that of deer, are more active, traveling more and sleeping less, in attempts to stay warm through movement. During years such as this one, when the temperatures in the evening hours drop from 60’s to the 30’s within a few days, you can be quite certain that the deer will be moving around constantly.

Keep in mind that most deer will be moving in the colder hours, usually in the evenings, but can be seen throughout the day.

Many people are only concerned with deer traffic while in the more remote areas. This is often the cause of deer-related accidents. Some do not realize that there are many deer living in small wooded areas within city limits. Two deer have been spotted crossing the roadway of North Cherry Street in Greenville by KenCo News reporters over the last week.

Drive careful, use caution, and keep your eyes open for deer traffic.

J.L. Graham
KenCo News