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 Local Artist Brings in Over $1700 for Muhlenberg County Humane Socity


MUHLENBERG COUNTY, Ky. (10/3/2014) – KenCo News received word of a local artist that stepped forward donating her talents and many hours of art work towards saving local pets through support of the Muhlenberg County Humane Society.

Reporters spoke with Lucinda Scharf, also widely known by the nickname of Rooti Patooti, concerning her fundraiser.

Mrs. Scharf stated that she recently, during her regular exercise run with her husband Craig, came across several kittens that had been abandoned in a wooded area about a mile from her home. The Scharf family gathered these starving pets and took them to a safe place, providing food and water for them. Eventually, the Scharf’s ended up making these pets their own.

Scharf stated that since she had been in her current home, her family had saved around 20 animals that had been abandoned, mostly due to a lack of the original owners not having their pets spayed or neutered. This was the spark that originally led to the idea to do a fundraiser for the Humane Society.

“I realize that the Muhlenberg County Humane Society is always packed full of pets, and that they were always in need of cash,” said Mrs. Scharf. “Being an artist, cash is not something that I generally have a lot of, so I decided that I would auction off some of my paintings, with the price starting at the cost of the materials. It was a crazy low price. I did an auction on Facebook.”

Scharf’s idea was largely considered a good one, but the actual end amount was far beyond what many would have expected. Scharf told reporters that at the end of the auction, she had pulled in around $1400 in funds to donate. Even at this amazing amount, it did not end there.

On Friday, October 3, Scharf was set to meet those who won the art at the “On Main” shop in Greenville, in order for them to pick up their items. What she did not expect was that many of those who won the items made extra donations over the price of their items. By the end of the day, all but 20 of the winners had picked up their items, many of them donating even more money for this worthy cause.

“I still have about 20 people left to pay for their bids, but currently, we are over our bidding win prices of $1,446 for a total donation of $1784,” said Scharf. “I had been promised some more extras from folk that I will be shipping out-of-state to, and I should have a donation to give of over $1,800 if they all follow through.”

Mrs. Scharf expressed that she would like to see other local citizens step forward and do various types of fundraisers similar to the one she has done.

Mrs. Scharf also expressed that she would like the public to take nice photos of local landscapes with barns in them, from the Muhlenberg County area, for her to do a future painting fundraiser. If you would like to send her one of these photos, you can tag her on Facebook on her “Rooti Patooti” page.

KenCo News would like to salute Mrs. Scharf for stepping forward and putting forth the effort to help our local Humane Society.

If you would like to make a donation to the Muhlenberg County Humane Society, you can do so by mailing checks to Muhlenberg County Humane Society, P. O Box 164, Greenville, KY 42345. Alternately, you can drop it off at the Humane Society on Dean Road in Greenville.  

J.L. Graham
KenCo News