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FISH OF THE WEEK - Chadwick Baize Takes Title of Fisherman of the Week Again

MUHLENBERG COUNTY ( 10/22/16)  - On Saturday, October 22, 2016, SOS Ministries of Muhlenberg County had their regular weekend Fishing Tournament.

In this weeks' tournament, Lucas Wood, Chadwick Baize, Dakota Knight and Richie Knight, all took part in the fisherman of the week tournament.

This weeks prizes included a 5.00 prize for the most catches and a Gar head trophy for the biggest catch fish of the day.

The winner of today's tournament was Chadwick Baize of the Drakesboro area. Chadwick caught the huge catfish pictured with this article. Second place went out to Dakota Knight with another large catfish.

Congratulations goes out to Chadwick Baize and Dakota Knight for this great day of outdoor enjoyment.