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Local 5-Year-Old Hunter Gets Deer that is Half Buck and Half Doe 

MUHLENBERG COUNTY, Ky. (12/6/2014) – Ty Frizzell is a local 5-year-old young man, his parents being DeAnna and Ken Frizzell, residents of the Sacramento area. Earlier this year, Ken wanted to take his son deer hunting with him, and Ty accepted the challenge as most local young men do, with lots of excitement and happiness.

Ken and Ty practiced some before the hunt, utilizing a 444 Caliber Lever Action. Ken felt that they could have a successful hunt. Before the hunt, Ken got their 2-man deer stand in place near a soybean field within 100 yards of a corn field.

On Nov. 22, on a Saturday afternoon, Ty and Ken climbed into the stand with high hopes that the deer would be moving. They waited patiently for their game to come forth. As they waited, Ty was excited, wanting to get his first buck. Ken, on the other hands, stated that he would have been happy if Ty got either one, a buck or a doe.

As they waited patiently for a few hours, suddenly a group of Doe approached the field. As they watched, Ken noticed that there was another Doe approaching the same trail to the field. After a few moments, Ken saw that the deer was actually a buck, as he could see the antlers.

At this point, Ty’s excitement was at the highest point. Within a few minutes Ken and Ty got into shooting position. The deer had a rack that sported 10 points. Ken and Ty had their Winchester in shooting position. Ty had his eye right on the cross-hairs of the scope. As Ken held the end of the rifle steady for his boy, Ty squeezed the trigger. The rifle resounded with a boom that would be a permanent memory for Ty throughout his life.

Once they got to the ground, Ty’s uncle Robert Brown and his cousin Ryan met them as they found the buck lying in the field. They were all admiring Ty’s first buck, when they noticed the buck was still in Velvet. They then lifted the deers’ leg and found that there were no male parts. This buck with a rack was actually a doe with a rack!

This situation is a very rare one, with only about two out of every 35,000 deer that are taken in Kentucky being a doe with a rack. This is truly an occurrence of a lifetime for this young man. A big congratulations goes out to Ty and a thanks to Ken for taking time out to make a memory of a lifetime for his little boy.

You may read and see the pictures and a short story of his Buck/Doe on "Outdoors with Big Country's" Facebook page. 

Information provided by Ken Frizzell
Outdoors with Big Country
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