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Transportation Cabinet Takes Notice of HWY 431 South, one of Muhlenberg’s Top Crash Sites 

MUHLENBERG COUNTY, Ky. (12/09/2014) – Recently a local law officer approached KenCo News with serious information regarding HWY 431 South in Muhlenberg County, between the Beechmont and Dunmor area. After looking into this situation and speaking with several local law enforcement and first responder agencies, reporters found that over the past two years, the amount of traffic accidents have been on a steady rise, particularly during rainy days and the winter season.

These accidents have varied from moderate to severe.

Today, Dec. 9, 2014, we have been informed by the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) that they have developed a plan to address wet weather traffic crashes at the two curves where the majority of accidents have occurred along U.S. 431. There have been several crashes at the site since late October just south of Hudson Lane between mile point 4.077 and mile point 4.5

KYTC District 2 Chief District Engineer Kevin McClearn said that the roadway is scheduled to be resurfaced in spring 2015. However, as an interim step, the cabinet will schedule limited resurfacing now for the curves. A break in the weather this week provided a brief window of opportunity for limited paving.

“This modest effort is justified, and should improve traction in the area until we can get out there for the full resurfacing project next spring,” McClearn said.

Traffic engineers noticed an elevated crash rate in the area in late 2012 and conducted a review. That safety study prompted installation of additional signage to alert drivers as they approach the curves. That effort reduced the crash rate, but a follow up review indicated additional steps were warranted.

“In recent weeks, we’ve doubled the curve warning signs. We reflectorized the sign posts to make them more visible at night,” McClearn said. “We’ve also added ‘slippery when wet’ signs in an effort to get drivers to slow down, particularly when we have precipitation.”

McClearn said overall traffic speed in the area may have increased since a curve south of Belton was modified.

Motorists should be alert for one lane traffic along U.S. 431 sometime this week to facilitate the limited milling and asphalt paving.

A traffic advisory will be issued when the paving is scheduled. 

Information provided by Keith Todd (KYTC)
Posted by J.L. Graham
KenCo News