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You Don’t Have to Spend Christmas Alone this Year 

MUHLENBERG COUNTY, Ky. (12/13/2014) – Christmas can be a very emotionally difficult time for many people. Some have lost loved ones. Some are divorced. Some are older citizens whose children have grown and live far away. Others suffer from financial hardships. Regardless of your situation, you don’t have to spend Christmas alone this year.

KenCo News recently spoke with Shara Sumner, co-founder of an event entitled “Luke’s Table.” This is an opportunity for those who are lonely or just in need of fellowship to enjoy a Christmas luncheon with a group of local volunteers that want to serve them and be their friends. It is completely free, and open to the public.This is not a church service, but simply a lunch of fellowship. This is also NOT a suit and tie event. It is complete "come as you are."

“Amy Bryant and I came up with this plan last year,” said Shara. “It was born from a couple of different experiences, but what it all comes down to is that no one should feel alone during Christmas day. No one should be sad or stressed. It is a chance to take all that away. It is also a chance to take away all the materialistic stigma that this world has attached to Christmas Day in modern times. Christmas is about the birth of our savior, Jesus Christ, and about loving one another. That’s what this is all about.”

This being the second year of Luke’s Table, it was started after Amy and Shara served a mission trip in Costa Rica. The two came back with a hunger to serve local citizens. After serving at a similar meal-oriented Thanksgiving event in Nashville, both decided they wanted to do the same for their own community.

The event is comprised of more than one program, but the overall point of it is the real meaning of Christmas.

“Christmas is about the birth of Jesus, our Savior,” said Shara. “You and I may know the story, but there are people out there that may not. We want to share that story with them, and we want to show them that we are their brothers and sisters.”

Luke’s Table will be held on Dec. 25 (Christmas day) at the Second Baptist Church gymnasium (217 West Depot St.) in Greenville. It will start at noon. There will be a reading of the origin of Christmas and great fellowship. Transportation can be available upon request. All who are interested in attending this event, please contact the church at 270-338-6160 before Dec. 23 to reserve your seat(s) and for transportation requests. A complete turkey and dressing meal along with cobbler desserts will be served, at no cost.

Don’t spend Christmas alone this year. Don’t sit in sadness, or emotional distress. Spend this Christmas with those who actually care about you, and about the true meaning of Christmas. The staff of Luke’s Table at Second Baptist Church of Greenville looks forward to seeing you and fellowshipping with you.

If you know someone that will be alone this Christmas, please share this information with them.

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