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Greenville Police Officer Honored with Impaired Drivers Award 

MUHLENBERG COUNTY, Ky. (12/19/2014) – Earlier this week, KenCo News released the names of two local law enforcement officers awarded for Impaired Driving Enforcement. This award was issued by the state of Kentucky to Kentucky State Police Trooper Jon McGehee and Central City Police officer James Jenkins. This week, we have the results for Impaired Driving Enforcement for the Greenville area, celebrating the hard work and accomplishments of Officer Tim Wright.

Officer Wright has been with the Greenville Police Department for roughly 1 year now, having transferred there from the Central City Police Department. Tim has worked very diligently over the past year to achieve this award, but primarily to protect our local citizens from DUI-related incidents.

“Tim is a great officer,” said Greenville Police Chief Darren Harvey. “He has been an amazing asset to the Greenville Police Department. He’s that type of officer that you don’t hear much from verbally (from a supervisory standpoint), but looking at his accomplishments clearly show that he is constantly doing his duty as a Greenville Police Officer.”

Chief Harvey went on to state that he had never received a negative report on Officer Wright from the public, making obvious his ability to deal with local citizens in a kind and respectful manner.

“We are thrilled to have Tim as part of our team,” said Chief Harvey.

Out of all the Greenville Police Officers, Officer Wright brought in the most impaired drivers in 2014, followed closely by Officer Duane Harvey.

KenCo News would like to thank Officer Wright and the rest of our local officers for their hard work at keeping our communities clean.

J.L. Graham
KenCo News