Inspirational Videos
The following videos were filmed by BH4H Video Ministry and are free to use for local churches and organizations.

The purpose of these videos is to inspire, to accent Christian teachings, and to bring the lost to The Lord.

In this video, we find a humorous example of why we should NOT expect God to do everything for us. Faith is a great thing, but we must do our part as well.
In this video we find that all too often, Father and Mother responsibilities often override the simple things in life, such as spending time with your children. Parents responsibilities are important, but in the end, it is your personal time with the children that will be remembered most.
This video accents the point that all too often Christians wear a different face at church than they wear out in the world. If we can toss that mask of "not caring," and be the same person outside the church as we are in, the world will be a better place.
In this video, we find two vital points. First, helping one other person could possibly result in an eternity of blessings, as help is often passed on to others. Next, the role of a Pastor is a vital one, and one Pastor can change the lives of many.
This video shows the effect that Satan can have on the relationships and lives of families if we even let him into our lives even in the smallest of ways.