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Cash Mob Strikes at Boutique Bella 

MUHLENBERG COUNTY, Ky. (01/20/15) – The Muhlenberg County Chamber of Commerce Cash Mob’s target this month was Boutique Bella, located at 103 East Main Cross in downtown Greenville.

Many Chamber officials and members were on the scene in support of this local business.

KenCo News spoke with the owner of the business, Morgan Newman Armstrong, regarding Boutique Bella.

“We’re doing well, but we have plans to expand our merchandise,” said Mrs. Armstrong. “We are currently awaiting shipments of more home-related accents and Christian inspired products.”

As reflected in her current merchandise and upcoming products, Mrs. Armstrong is obviously a very devout and proud Christian business owner. She stated that she started her business with prayer, and continues to do so.

The Muhlenberg County Chamber of Commerce is very proud to have Boutique Bella as a member, and urges local citizens to drop by and check out her many wonderful products.

J.L. Graham
KenCo News