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The Thrill of The Hunt

KENTUCKY (9/25/2013) – With all the hunts that I have experienced in my lifetime, I have spent a lot of time in the woods. I have had as many as a dozen deer under my stand and have passed up taking shots.

I have watched smaller bucks walk by my stand site, and let them pass by so they may be bigger next year.

I have also been on deer hunts where I have seen only squirrels and no deer at all. But, on the opening day of Kentucky’s Whitetail Deer Season, the daylight started to be brighter for two young boys that were very excited to be in the woods and anxious to see deer in the stand site.

On that morning I guided my son, 15-year-old Lucas Adams who has hunted since he was seven, and another young fellow, Tyler Spellman. Lucas has taken his Kentucky Safety Course Class, “Orange Card,” and has been with me in several hunts and taken several deer, turkey and waterfowl. Knowing that Tyler has never hunted before, I invited him to hunt with us, but only if he attended the Orange Card class and did well on receiving his card and practicing shooting my Rossi 22.250 rifle, the firearm that I let him use with my guidance. He accomplished both tasks!

On that opening day, both young hunters were successful in taking both bucks! It was “The Thrill of the Hunt” for all three of us.

Lucas and Tyler both tagged a buck and we loaded both deer up, and they both helped field dress and skin out the deer that morning.

After a lot of celebration and bragging, these two young hunters learned several good traits on that day. I’m sure glad to be able to experience this with them!

You see, it’s not only the “Thrill of the Kill”, but it’s the “Thrill of the Hunt!” It’s what we do. It’s sharing the tradition and the great sport of hunting.

Kentucky’s deer season has been another banner year with several trophy bucks being taken across the state. It’s good to take a trophy class buck, but with these two young fellows on this hunt, they were both trophy class hunters!

 Randy Adams
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