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Why should you advertise with KY County News?

There are several reasons...

1) As of July 2015, the KenCo News Site gets right around 155,000 visits per month. That is a huge amount of local people that will see your ad!

2) On average, statistics show that most people spend between 2-5 hours online every day. Online advertising is the most effective form of promotion in these times.

3) We support our community. Our staff actually takes part in local community activities, non-profit fundraisers, and just generally promoting our area.

4) We go above and beyond to promote our advertisers. Not only are their ads featured on KenCo News, but we also partner with other sites, such as the Support Muhlenberg Businesses Facebook page. We promote our advertisers on there too, as well as any other outlet we can find. Our staff even promotes our advertisers on their personal pages.

5) Ours is one of the most affordable advertising outlets in the Western Kentucky region.

6) We respect our local non-profits and support local churches. Non-profits, churches, military and First Responders get a discount on all ad prices!

The following is information from sales representative Corey Rolley regarding why you should advertise with KenCo News...

Hello everyone, my name is Corey Rolley. I am one of the advertising representatives at KenCo News. I want to thank our readers for making us one of the top news sources in the Western Kentucky region. Also thanks to our advertisers who make it possible to provide our readers with up-to-date breaking news stories every day. When we first started covering local news just a little overt two years ago, we only had a few thousand readers. Being a minor competitor would not last long for us, as we quickly hit multiple milestones, constantly doubling our number of monthly readers.

As we continue to grow, our goals are to improve our news service across the Western Kentucky region. With a new year ahead of us, now is the most opportune time to take advantage of advertising with KenCo News. No matter if you are a small business or a big business, we have advertising plans that fit your marketing budget.

If you are a business owner or know someone who is, this is a great way to let potential customers know what you have to offer. If you wish to advertise with KenCo News, contact us immediately and one of our representatives will be in touch with you quickly.

Corey Rolley; Advertising Representative or 270-225-0930


Would you rather hear about our advertising from local business owners? We have references. If you would like, we will give you the names and contact info for local businesses that will tell you how they feel about our advertising.

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