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Fisherman’s Forecast – Here Kitty Kitty

WESTERN Ky. (05/29/2015) – We are likely looking at a wet weekend ahead, but still a good opportunity for local catfishermen.

Cats have really started hitting well lately, particularly in the early evening hours. We have had several reports of local anglers pulling in blue cats, flatheads, channel cats and mud cats from throughout the area of Muhlenberg, Hopkins and Christian County.

Though the cats are biting, it has been a strange year in terms of what they are biting on. Most years fishermen are reporting that catfish are biting really well on chicken liver. This year, however, we have been told by a lot of anglers that they are having no luck with chicken liver. Most are saying that cats are hitting best on cut bait, shad, and fish guts.

Another odd report we have been receiving is that catfish are not being caught in the usual deep water areas, but in more shallow locations, usually between three to five foot deep water.

Another fish species that seems to be really slamming the hooks right now is unusually large bluegill. These are being caught on nightcrawlers and, oddly enough, bass lures.

If you do hit the water this weekend, plan ahead and take that raincoat with you.

Your weekly fishing report is brought to you by Woods Bait Shop in Central City and Winding Creek Bait and Tackle in Madisonville. Both of these shops provide you with good bait for good fishing fun.

J.L. Graham
KenCo News